mercoledì , 15 luglio 2020
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Mission – english

POIESIS is an association of dentists, doctors, dental technicians and professionals from different backgrounds mainly involved in treating facial aesthetics.

POIESIS promotes professional updating, cultural devolopment and study groups.

POIESIS aims to:

  • train dental professionals focused on facial aesthetics through studies, research and organization of periodical refresher and specialization courses;
  • set up a network encompassing associations and Italian and foreign authorities, private corporations working on developing and promoting oral and facial aesthetics;
  • become a point of reference on site to members, supporting  their professional activities, promoting in-depth analysis of the latest scientific evidence, exchanges and multidisciplinary  studies and  researches integrating every professionals of  facial aesthetics, facial treatments and clinical management;
  • encouraging this new approach to dentistry identifying a scientific, multidisciplinary course, ethically focused on:
    > the quality of therapies to be given
    > the relation between citizens and health
    > the education of people for well-being.

The Association is a non-profit organization.
The mutual respect and being open to dialogue and the exchange of ideas will be the assurance each of the founding members gives to the Association.

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