mercoledì , 15 luglio 2020
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POIESIS presentation

Here is POIESIS, a newly born scientific society.
POIESIS intends to be a qualified meeting point for all professionals involved in treating facial aesthetics.
POIESIS goal is however more ambitious.
Facial aesthetics is clearly understood as a keyword to get closer to a vision of multidisciplinary and integrated treatment of the face.
The intention of the project is setting up a network of attentive professionals prepared in the more advanced and scientifically validated techniques in every aspect of facial treatments and, above all, stimulating the growth of new attention and care for people wellness.
It’s through their faces that people convey their innermost beings in every human relation.
The relationship with the patient is the benchmark of any medical intervention and the ability to build a relationship characterised by respect and empathy is a landmark of a medicine up-to-date and ethically oriented.
Searching for an all-embracing and consolidated well-being, for a overall empathy with the patient’s needs and aspirations is the foundation for the therapeutic success and, therefore, for the relationship between physician and patient.
The secret of a successful treatment lies in the ability of the physician to interpret the patients’ needs and to help them to realize their aspirations. This element is the key to success thanks to the ability to build the doctor-patient relationship solid and trustworthy, itself the basis for therapeutic success.

The meeting is dedicated to dentists (dental surgeons), physicians, dental technicians and their teams.
For information and registration:
• please visit
• please contact
• please call Dr. Costa Studio 045 8680233 (Federica, time 10-14)